Why Using C# with Unity is Better Than Using Boo or JS for Your Mobile Game

Mobile Game Development With Unity using C# vs Boo vs JS

Unity 3D for mobile games development on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone

Unity is undoubtedly one of the most flexible cross-platform tool for developing 2D and 3D mobile games on a multitude of platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and even OSX. Its powerful rendering engine, a resourceful community and support for a variety of programming languages gives mobile game developers the flexibility they need to develop innovative 2D mobile games. The language preferences, in this case, is one of the most likable aspects of Unity 3D. While you can choose what pleases most, C# definitely has more advantages over Boo or Javascript.


Unlike Boo and Javascript, C sharp for Unity 3D is a popular language. It is a branch of C or C++ and most programmers are familiar with this. With language learning curve being one of the most profound development bottlenecks, C#’s familiarity gives it an absolute edge. It’s staunch adherence to the object oriented programming will contribute to the creation of powerful easy to execute or debug code.

Doesn’t Really Support Native JavaScript

Unity 3D doesn’t support native JavaScript. It works with a modified version of JavaScript fondly referred to as UnityScript. Though the syntax remains the same, a couple of changes like the use of static type objects and the omission of some JavaScripts dynamics will definitely throw you off your footing. This means that using JavaScript on Unity for developing 3D mobile games is only an option if you are willing to learn the modification and accommodate them in your development.

The C# Is Real

Unity will let you unleash the full powers of C# when developing 2D mobile games for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can play with everything, from simple object references to advanced features like properties and generics. The native language support means you can virtually work with any game programmer who has developed in C# before no matter what he or she was working on.

Moreover, since the base programming problems would be similar to those of other game developers, you will get better support online. A expert Unity game developer can answer your question on abstraction accurately. You could even get code snippets to achieve some redundant task. This makes C# the most supported language for mobile games with more wiggle room.

Leverage the Unity Store Better

Most of the assets in the Unity Store run on C#. Even though you can mix C# with JS or Boo in one project, sticking to one language protects you from dependency problems. If you intent to fast track your game development using assets from the store, using C# would be a great idea. Moreover, if you are interested in 3D mobile games development and if you’re testing Unity 3D for the first time, you will be setting a firmer foundation for yourself by working with the more comprehensive and powerful C# in comparison to the heavily modified JavaScript.

C# is native to .NET

Unity 3D works hand in hand with .NET. While this might not have any significant effect on your game project or the end product, C# gives you access to better documentation and easier access options. You can query the .NET framework in a more straightforward way. This will make the performance of your game faster. It will also save you the pain and time of searching for workaround solutions that make JS or Boo do the same tricks.

UnityScript is Prone to Errors

JavaScript in Unity 3D aims at making things simpler. While this isn’t a bad objective, the JavaScript branchial used here tends to be rather ambiguous and prone to errors. The tendency of a language to let you go with light mistakes is called the forgiving nature of a language. While forgiving languages might be simple to use on small scale, the assumed mistakes can add up to major problems in bigger mobile game projects. This is just the case with JavaScript.


C# gives you access to one of the most versatile IDEs in the developer world – Visual Studio. Visual Studio comes with impressive code highlighting and a clean project management interface. A good developer tool will ensure that you focus on the app logic rather than struggling with general file management.

C# Superior Approach to Programming Paradigms

At the end of the day, C# is a full-fledged programming language with a solidly founded approach to all the aspects of object oriented programming. You can leverage all the powers of objective programming, from the use of generics to the use of interfaces and implicit class declarations. The results is a smooth running game that works with its hardware to deliver the best user interface.

The Case of Boo

Up to now, I haven’t said anything about Unity programming with Boo. Chances are that you have never heard of it – unless you are a Python die-hard fan. Boo is a Python based scripting language. If you know Python well, you might find it interesting. You will however still have to deal with the complications of working with a modified scripting language, just as it is the case for JavaScript.