Why Free Mobile Apps Have Taken Over Paid Ones

The fact of the matter is that every business needs a mobile app. Most small business rarely leverage this opportunity. And most of them fail to realize that at some point in time, their business will always need a mobile app. The secret lies in understanding the potentials that this marketing medium has to offer. It is especially crucial for medium sized companies. However, you need to get through the most important decisions of whether you will go for paid or free mobile apps.

For a long time, mobile apps were paid for maximum benefit. It would take a company a significant investment in developing a mobile app suitable for their needs. However, with increased competition, some free apps have been developed. Free mobile apps have many advantages, both for the developer and the users in general.

Having a Free Mobile App vs Paid One

Having a Free Mobile App vs a Paid One

Ability To Reach Customers All Day And Night

Even though there are more than a million other websites to compete with over the same number of clients and customers, a free mobile app for your business gives you a better chance of attracting them. A customer would rather download a free mobile app on his device than get one whose services he will have to pay for. Taking advantage of the open access means that you tap into the customer potential in your niche.

Push Notifications

While different marketing techniques such as email marketing may have worked for a long time, there is no guarantee that target customers will see the email. Marketing through push notifications guarantee that your clients will know when there is something new happening around them. You can roll out special offers, promotions, deals and what not. You can set the app to push notification for anything you want. One thing that is similar in all push notifications is the get read option. Unlike emails that may be opened and not read, it is impossible to ignore a push notification for a mobile app.

Better Returns

All mobile apps have the potential of making your business more profitable by helping you earn money through it. Ads and in-app purchases are enough to generate a reasonable source of income to help you start another stream of revenue generation. All you need to do is monetize your free mobile app for maximum monetary gains. Just remember that overdoing the monetization can easily turn your free app into something obnoxious. Balancing between ad frequency and usability will ensure that you don’t bog down your users with the apps.

Reach a Vast Group of Customers

Whenever you create a mobile app for your business, your target is that most people should download it and access your product and services through it. That target involves getting the word out first, marketing your product across social media. You can easily do that by creating pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc for your brand new mobile app and then marketing it to your existing friends and fans. There is also the high probability of reaching out to more clients who may be experiencing your brand for the first time. Using the mobile app appropriately means that you will be able to tap into this fresh opportunity and convert them to loyal customers thus boosting your business growth and success potential.

Perfect Platform to Advertise Your Products and Services

The fact that your mobile business app is free for all should be a good reason to promote your business maximally. And if the sole purpose of your mobile app is to promote your existing business, make sure you maximize the app’s potential by offering a value added service to the user for using your app. Even though the essence of creating a mobile app is to benefit the end user, there are obvious benefits to your business. Though not primary, a significant advantage boosts your business.

Understand that starting early in mobile marketing through free mobile apps, nothing is keeping your competitors from starting. It is important therefore to be creative. Think outside the box, and plan to get a mobile app at a flat rate. If you have no skills to develop an app on your own, then find service providers who use relevant tools such as Phonegap, Xamarin, Native coding or Unity 3D to create an iOS, Android or Windows Phone app or game for you. And with the long terms returns your app will give your business, you can still easily afford to avail the app free to your customers.

Think of it as a necessary evil. As the incentive of doing so is to attract a potential customer who will increase you profits significantly. It is about time that someone caused disruption in your industry. You can break from Google and build a mobile app to engage directly with your own clients.