The Best Unity 3D Assets

Unity3D is a free and fantastic game engine for independent game developers. Game design involves several function bits. A good number of creative minds team up to make video games a reality. The innovative minds include Unity 3D programmers, animators, game designers, character modelers, sound engineers and many more. Independent developers work with unity 3D pre-made scripts to bring their ideas to life.

There are several Unity 3D plug-ins available, however, a number of them are free and some are paid. These are some of the best unity 3D plug-ins available:

The Best Unity 3D Assets

Some of The Best Unity 3D Assets


iTween is a powerful yet simple and easy to use animation tool that Unity Programmers use. It focuses on established solutions and project frameworks like Tweener, Tweenie plus other Flash-based tweening and interpolation systems. It is a tested solution for production streamlining in the Unity environment for developing games. It takes away the frustration of bringing 2D as well as 3D games to life, allowing polish to exist side by side with production.


uTomate is a process automation plug-in in Unity environment. Using a single click one can make up to 10 builds for a variety of platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It is also an extensible tool great for starting any production project. It is such a great buy that offers great value for money.


NGUI –Next Generation UI Kit offers built-in functionality for creating graphical user interfaces for mobile games which include both text and buttons. The previous system prior to Unity 4.0 was not good enough and the current system has its flaws. GUI enables the user to create. It has an excellent community as well as documentation even though it may not be very intuitive. It allows GUI implementation regardless of the complexity.


Playmaker is Unity 3D’s visual state machine editor and runtime library for developing games quickly. Playmaker makes using state machine simple for anyone. In fact, once you use PlayMaker, you will be amazed at how you managed to get by without it. PlayMaker provides an excellent graphical editor and debugging tools that anyone using state machines will appreciate.

iOS Native and Android Native

The most well documented and easy to use Unity asset that offers integration with all Android and iOS features. The support is amazing and fast.


This asset allows you to animate easily despite its minor flaws. It is perfect for animating 2D characters with its convenient editor. It integrates seamlessly with Playmaker and iOS and Android integration.

SoundManagerPro 3

Managing anything related to music and sounds is now possible with Sound Manager. SoundManagerPro3 integrates seamlessly with PlayMaker and NGUI. Projects with sophisticated audio solutions are the best for Sound Manager Pro 3.