How You Can Increase Your Mobile Game Downloads and Sales

iPhone and iPad games have become very popular as they bring a more interactive approach to the user gaming experience, unlike the traditional gaming platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox. With iOS and Android games, the player has an opportunity to interact with the game via the touch screen, vibration when the player makes certain moves within the game, and share play whereby multiple players can participate in a game through real-time multiplayer, leaderboards and achievements features, which push players to outperform each other.

In this day and age, mobile game developers have a hefty task in ensuring that the games they develop are not only of high quality, but also continually stimulate the players. When you log on to App Store you will find numerous applications and games, most of which are competing against each other.

Due to the high number of applications, and ease of download, players can sample various games, mostly those under the top rated and featured categories. This swift and easy way to sample games has led to a high number of iOS and Android games being downloaded and installed, if the games proves to be of high quality, the player usually keeps them, but if the games are of poor quality, they are instantly uninstalled from their iPhone or iPad.

How Your Mobile Game Downloads Can Skyrocket

Mobile game download increasing

Mobile app sales increasing

New entrants in the game development face some amount of challenge when it comes to penetrating the market and becoming a leader in a particular game category. Sometimes even when the game concept and quality is good, it may go unnoticed due to the low download traffic and reviews. This happens only when you don’t have a marketing strategy in hand prior to having your mobile game uploaded to the app store. And having a good marketing strategy in place is no rocket science. After all, every business in the world needs to have some form of marketing and advertising. That’s why we call it “business”, the more effort you put into it, the greater the rewards.

As a game developer or owner, it is vital that you prioritize the game’s marketing strategy. For every business to thrive and to attract new clients or customers, the owner or manager must devote some time to marketing the products or services that are on offer, through relevant channels that will reach a majority of the target market.

Similarly, the game developer or owner must commit to marketing the game through numerous channels that will reach the majority of their target audience. Social Media Marketing is the easiest way to market your game.

HD YouTube Videos

Youtube can increase your mobile game downloads

How Your Mobile Game Downloads Can Skyrocket

It is easy to post videos on YouTube, but here are some vital pointers you must check before uploading your game video on YouTube:

The Message: the video clip must communicate the highlights, and the features of the game, showcase a tutorial on the basics and additional tips that will enable the player to adapt quickly to your game environment

The Video Quality: the video quality must be high definition, with variants of 480p, 720p and 1080p. YouTube channels that rank high on Google have HD quality videos. The quality of the video clip enhances the viewers’ experience.

Have a YouTube Channel: this is vital especially when you update your game by adding new game levels and improving certain features of the game. It is important to keep your subscribers up to date with the latest additional features and changes of the game, this stirs up curiosity which leads to more downloads.

Facebook Page and Blog

Create a Facebook Page for Your Mobile Game

Facebook fanpage for your mobile game

Whether your game is in the iOS app store or Google Play Android market, behind every successful mobile game is a Facebook Page and a dedicated blog. As a game developer you need to link your Game’s Facebook page with your blog. When launching your game, you can create a buzz about the game’s concept, features and game levels. Linking your Facebook page means that your friends will have an opportunity to be the first to sample your game, and even share with other friends. Creating hype when you launch the game will trigger most of your friends, and friends of friends, to download your mobile game, who will in turn give you honest feedback on the game quality and overall game experience.

Quality of Your Mobile Game

The quality of the game is vital and must reflect your ultimate goal and vision of the game concept. The quality of the game can be interpreted through two main models:

  • Game Concept

Game conceptualization

Game conceptualization

Depending on your mobile game’s category, the game developer can come up with a unique, yet interactive and refreshing game concept that keeps the players stimulated and interested to progress through each level. Concepts that are straightforward are unstimulating to players and will often get as many low ratings as the number of downloads.

It is essential to have a cutting-edge game concept, and this can be achieved through collaboration with seasoned game developers.

  • Graphics

Superb Game Design

Game Design

The graphics of your iOS or Android game are core to making your concept come to life. If the graphics are poor, the game will be ranked low on App Store. As a game developer, your focus should be on the game graphics, playability and user-friendly features, which make it easy for players to interact with your game.

It is essential, as a game developer or owner to have a cutting-edge game concept. And this can be achieved through collaboration with seasoned game developers.