How To Hire A Mobile Game Developer On A Budget

Street Fighter Game

Street Fighter Game

Ever since the inception of computers, people have been playing games with keen interest. To tell you the truth, games were even present in pre-historic computers that worked on very slow speed calculating bits and bytes every second. And then came popular gaming consoles like Atari, then Sega and Nintendo. Remember Street Fighter, Sonic The Hedgehog, Pacman? They were a ton of fun to play, especially with your neighborhood friends. Right? And remember Alien Invasion on Atari, wow! It was so much fun. Some of my friends even hung the wall posters of Wolfenstien 3D, Doom 2 and Quake 3 in their rooms.

But Time Flies Away Fast…Doesn’t it?

To us, it’s a blast from the past. And we never knew all that gaming craze would change into something else. By the time mobiles were used by our aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews the tech industry in early 2000 saw the massive development in mobile gaming. And yes, the mobile gaming industry was born! There were games like Snake and Tetris, reborn on the mobile phones. There were remakes of popular and classic 2D games like Pacman, Mario Bros and what not. That was the time when the mobile gaming industry saw a rapid boom. Remember your office colleagues not being able to lay their hands off of their phones? You’ll even see people playing their favorite mobile games during their work, at their homes, stores, parks and virtually anywhere they can find time to play a game.

So Where Are We Heading?

Now I can bet, at some point in your life, you’ve probably wanted to have a mobile game developed for yourself…under your own name. Right? But maybe you couldn’t find the right mobile game developer to bring your idea to life, or perhaps they couldn’t take your idea from scratch and change it into a super addictive game? Or maybe your budget was restricted? There are only a handful of mobile game specialists who actually make state of the art games across all major mobile platforms using cross platform frameworks like Corona SDK, Unity 3D and Cocos 2dx, and they can do it on a budget! A few of these mobile game developers may even choose to develop games natively for iOS using objective C and for Android using Java. Consulting an affordable games development expert will help you decide whether you should have your game developed natively or using a cross platform gaming engine such as Unity.

When you choose your mobile game developer, make sure you give them a brief of the game’s storyline. A decent company will offer you an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) themselves, so you can be rest assured that your game idea will be kept confidential and it won’t be used in any way whatsoever. And remember, the success of any mobile game majorly depends on how well the story line is planned. So make sure once an NDA is signed, you give your game development company as much detailed information as possible, even if you have to do it just over the phone. Other important factors include monetizing your game the right way. So for example, if you’re placing ads in your game, make sure you’re not using too many ads to annoy the user.

But How Much Does A Mobile Game Generally Cost?

This is a question we see the most often. How much a mobile game costs depends on several factors. For example, is it a 2D game or is it 3D? The genre of the game, the storyline, whether the game will have levels like the popular Angry Birds, or if it’ll be an endless game like Doodle Jump. Now just for the sake of an example, some mobile game developers will even make a game like Doodle Jump for only US $2,800. While a 3D game like Zombies and 9mm may cost you something like US $4,500. Consulting a mobile games development company can be very helpful in your search to have a new game made on a budget.

A Word of Caution

The most important factor while choosing a mobile game developer is making the decision between hiring a freelancer versus hiring a company for your game. While hiring a freelancer, you can save money in the short term, but consider the fact that a single freelancer cannot be a one-man-band. Even a half decent game involves careful research and planning, development, design, quality assurance, testing and so much more. Can one single freelancer do all that? On the other hand, a company that specializes in mobile games development will have all the resources your game needs, they’ll offer you after sales support, a warranty for fixing bugs and errors, regular availability and updates, and life time support for any additional features you might want for your game in the future.