How A Mobile App Can Leave Your Competition Crying

Your Mobile App Can Outrank Your Competition

How a mobile app can help outrank your competition

Competition is inevitable in any business niche or industry. Fortunately, you can curb your competition and stand out by taking smart moves such as mobile apps use. There are simple yet effective ways that mobile apps can favor your business growth as long as you know what works for you and what does not.

Every business should find strategies that make them stand out. Customers want something unique when comparing services and products. Being above your competitors in terms of quality is the only thing that will let you achieve the results every business seeks, profitability and success. Fortunately, strategies and techniques to beat competition are available. Smart business people can easily transform a challenging business environment into a ground of opportunities. While different strategies such as monitoring the competitors and directly countering them will help your business operate at a different level.

You need to know who your main competition is. There is no need to target businesses that pose no threat to your growth. Tracking the competitions ranking, understanding the keyword strategy they use as well as analyzing back links can help you get the best results.

How A Mobile App Helps Highlight Your Brand

The brand name you place on your app acts as one of the first impressions that your customers get about your brand. It forms a link to your business. It is crucial therefore to include the brand name on the app if you are serious about marketing your brand. Look at famous brands and you will notice that apps aid in SEO rankings which is beneficial for your business. You can easily beat your competition if you know how to manipulate this feature.

1. Link Your App

If you have a couple of websites or blogs, ensure that you link all of them to your app. Your anchor text is perfect to driving more sales. Landing pages are also a great way to promote your mobile app through different websites. You can set up pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Youtube for your mobile. Link those pages to your app and you can be sure that people will download your app. More downloads means more coverage, leading to more awareness of your brand. Be creative enough to work with videos, images and links to market the mobile app. This translates into a thriving business with active sales and loyal customers.

2. Target Multiple App Stores

Now with an abundant number of cross platform frameworks available such as Phonegap, Xamarin, Titanium, Unity 3D and Cocos 2Dx, you can now have your app easily ported to the leading mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad and Android. Having your app available in multiple app stores, you can be sure that you’re creating awareness of your brand at a much more magnified level. Once you do launch your app or game in all the app stores such as iTunes for iOS, Google Play for Android and the Windows Phone app store, you also need to make sure you address feedback from your users. If there are any errors being reported, call your developers to immediately update your app so those errors can be removed. Besides, the app stores will give your app much more preference and higher rankings if you keep your app updated regularly.

3. Mobile App Reviews

One of the easiest ways to get your competitors out of business is by getting honest positive reviews. What better way to do this than through your mobile app with highly valuable links, blogs, and third party sites. All these have the potential to attract positive reviews that strengthen your brand name and propels your business to top ranks even in Google searches. The more the visitors you get, the easier it is to incorporate your mobile app into your marketing campaigns. This will consequently result in a large traffic base that can easily be converted into loyal customers. Excellent app designs encourage interaction giving your users a reason to keep coming back for more. This gives you the continued audience you need to convert these visitors into actual customers.

4. User Friendly Design

The type of mobile app design you choose can make or break your business position in the industry. Most companies use failed techniques that are probably the reason behind their failure in the industry. Be careful how you design the app and make sure you use a user-friendly approach in the design of your app. An experienced mobile app developer will do careful strategic planning before they even start working on your app idea. They’ll formulate a plan to ensure that you get the best out of your mobile app. They’ll even factor in the icons, UI, functionality and any other relevant features that make the app what it is. A well-designed mobile app can get you more downloads hence boost a number of links and reviews you receive. It is these links and reviews that increase your rankings when customers search for your services on the mobile app.

5. Avoid Wrong Strategies

Although the mobile apps business is one of the most lucrative markets in the world today with the highest returns on investment, but some businesses will fail because they use the wrong technique that only succeed in getting their apps banned. If your mobile app uses black hat techniques then it is time you changed that to increase your chances of ranking on Google and other search engines. The traffic influx you get from these organic traffic influx will help you outrank the competition. Some app stores have even banned apps that use black hat techniques thus blocking out mobile apps in this category.

This is where an expert mobile app developer comes in. After all, it is the knowledge and experience of the app developer that you would hire them for. To maximize your chances of a better performing mobile app, you should consider hiring the experts to develop the right strategy for your mobile apps.

Most mobile apps appear on high-ranking platforms including Apple Store and Google Play. However, this is an opportunity that all business owners have as long as they can create a mobile app that works. If you want something different, stick to the above techniques and outrank your competitors with ease. More downloads = more sales. This is what your mobile apps should strive to achieve.